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  • Hunt and consume DR. Samuel Billingsley - watch >
  • Hunt and consume DR. SHAFFELD - watch >
  • How to defeat HYDRA easy - watch >
How to upgrade your powers by completing missions see >
Go to the Convoy Staging area to find Dr. Bellamy see >

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This site has been created for Prototype 2 players that need some help in some missions.

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About Prototype 2

The biggest change in Prototype 2 is that the protagonist of the original version, Alex Mercer, changed sides and now, apparently, plays villain. The new hero is a certain Sergeant James Heller, a soldier who lost his wife and child and now blame Mercer for their death.

This time, the game is divided into three different sections that Radical Entertainment calls it "New York Zero" - a New York city ravaged by war. Red Zone (Red Zone) - formerly known as Manhattan - where battles are constant, the yellow (Yellow Zone) - an area under quarantine and populous - where things are better and the Green Zone - an area supervised by the army Blackwatch - safe for everyone except Heller.

For the first game, his motivations were not always clear, Mercer was a bit dull. Radical Entertainment but hopes that Heller's motivations are more powerful. Alex Mercer does for scientific reasons, probably from an animal until the point, while James Heller makes redevenii ability to just what it once was. This is about two characters and the opposition between them.

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